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Find all events KU will be attending. Please reach out to us with questions or suggestions for further events.

10.04 - 12.04.2018: London Book Fair
Contact us directly, to set up a meeting with us at and around the London Book Fair!
24.-25.05. 2018: Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutschsprachiger Universitätsverlage
The annual conference is deailing with experience and publishing activities and provides presentations on different topics concerning scholarly publishing. Our managing director Sven Fund is giving a presentation on what KU can do for university presses.
12.06.2018: Deutscher Bibliothekartag
21. - 26.06.2018: ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans
Our Colleague Cahterine will be joining the ALA Annual Conference this year!

Contact Catherine:


29.08.2018: Schweizer Bibliothekskongress
17. - 19.09. Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) - Vienna, Austria
We are pleased to announce that the 10th anniversary of our annual conference, the Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP), will take place on September 17th-19th, 2018, at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Past Events

09.03.2018: SSP Berlin Regional Event at Peter Lang Publishing
How to Increase the Discoverability of Open Access Books for Researchers?

Moderator: Alex Naydenov, PaperHive


Agata Morka, Springer Nature

Max Mosterd, Knowledge Unlatched

Benedikt Fecher, Humboldt Institute

Prof. Michael Seadle, Director of the School and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Humboldt University of Berlin

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07.11 - 11.11.17: Charleston Library Conference
Sales Director Catherine will be the the Annual Library Conference in South Carolina.
18.05.17: Finnish Research Library Association
Information Resource seminar, Helsinki, Finland | Speaker: Sven Fund
30.05.-02.06.17: Deutscher Bibliothekartag
Frankfurt am Main, Germany | Speaker: Sven Fund
31.05.17: SSP Workshop „Innovation in Scholarly Book Publishing"
SSP Annual Meeting, Boston, USA | Speaker: Marcel Knöchelmann
19.06.17: Swiss Consortium of Academic Libraries
Workshop Open Access Books, Berne, Switzerland | Speaker: Sven Fund
11.09 -13.09.17: Open Access Tage Dresden
Sven Fund will talk at the Open Access Tage Dresden about KU and advancements in Open Access. Read more about the event here: https://open-access.net/community/open-access-tage/open-access-tage-2017-dresden/