KU MARC Records

MARC records for all the Knowledge Unlatched Collections can be found on this page. All titles have been published as Open Access thanks to the support of the KU community. MARC records on this page are freely available and are updated regularly. Below you can find MARC records separated by collection and separate title lists as well as a master file which includes MARC records for all the KU titles combined.
MARC records can also be found via the OCLC Collection Manager, here is a dedicated FAQ on where they can be found within the OCLC Collection Manager.

Download KU Select 2017 records:
Records for KU Select 2017 will be distributed as unlatching progresses and the titles become available as Open Access. The number of MARC records available for this collection will grow as titles become available.

Download records for past collections :
download records for each past KU collection (KU Select 2016, Round 2, Pilot) as separate files

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Overview of changes to KU Select Collections:

A complete list of the KU Select Collections, identifiers, substitute titles and further changes can be found here . This list is regularly updated by KU.

KU MARC records per batch

Updated 26 October 2018: KU Select 2017 (50 titles added) - Download newly added records only here

KU Select 2017

KU Select 2016


KU Select Round 2 Collection

KU Select Pilot Collection


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