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A Seamless OA Publication Experience

Why is this useful?
KU Open Funding is a marketplace system, bringing institutions, researchers and OA Book publishers together. It includes a wide array of OA book publication offers, all in one place. It supports researchers in finding the right OA publication offer for their publication needs, while providing transparency and enabling a smooth OA publishing experience, all in one tool. Institutions remain in full control, can invite their researchers, allocate OA funding and monitor progress all in one tool.
How does it work?
First, institutions can register below for free, or login with their existing KU credentials. Then, institutions can invite their researchers to the tool and deposit an amount dedicated for the Book Processing Charges (BPC) funding with KU. Following, researchers affiliated with the institution can find a suitable publication offer using comprehensive and detailed selection criteria. Finally, submitted manuscripts go through the standard peer-review process and, if accepted, the institution can choose to approve the submission, footing the bill for the BPC.

KU Open Funding Benefits All Stakeholders Involved

Benefits Institutions
Benefits Researchers
Benefits Institutions

Offer your researchers a central tool for finding the right Open Access Book publication offer for their manuscript


A transparent overview of the contemporary Open Access Book Publishing landscape including a wide variety offers covering all major disciplines.


Oversee and track the complete Open Access Book publication process for your researchers, from finding the right publisher up until the payment process


Invoice splitting option for multiple institutions/departments

Benefits Researchers

A central tool for finding the right Open Access Book publication offer for your manuscript – including many offers covering all major disciplines from over 15 unique publishers.


Make use of filters to find the right publication offer – License, Discipline, Archiving, Chapter Level Publishing, etc.


Direct connection with a potential institutional funder for your accepted manuscript


Smooth publication process removing financial hurdles

Don't Struggle With BPC Payments


Publication Offers

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