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KU Open Insights

Thanks for reading our monthly newsletter KU Open Insights, where you receive the latest in Open Access news every month. This will include updates from KU about our progress and future plans, as well as stories from the Open Access community in general. The newsletter also acts as an open invitation for you as a publisher or librarian to get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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KU Select 2017

This month we would like to send a special edition of our newsletter in order to update all of our Open Access colleagues and supporters about the pledging process for KU Select 2017


While we are grateful for the support we have received from libraries all over the world, we have not yet received enough pledges to unlatch our Book Collection and make our Journal Collection APC-free. For this reason, we have extended our pledging deadline until 15.12.17 in order to give libraries more time to show their support and enter their pledges.


We want to see sustainable and meaningful change in the academic publishing industry that truly works in the interests of academics, libraries, and readers worldwide, but we need the whole community to work together. If you share our vision of a sustainable market where scholarly books and journals are freely accessible for each and every reader around the world, please get in touch and pledge your support. We have a range of pledging options to suit all budgets, across our Book CollectionJournal Collection, and our partnership with Language Science Press.


Help us to make Open Access work for you and the community as a whole by pledging today.

Why Pledge? - A Library Perspective

A special thanks to Trent University, Ontario for sharing why supporting KU is integral to their library project:

“Trent University’s iconic Bata Library, designed by Ron Thom, is undergoing an exciting transformation in time for reopening in Summer 2018.

Looking forward, the revitalised facility will support Trent University’s strength in collaborative learning as well as provide new technologies.  To accommodate these improvements, the library’s physical collection will have a smaller footprint in the renovated building.  With these changes, the library is exploring ways to provide relevant scholarly resources in a cost-effective and timely manner


 An opportunity for Trent University to reach these goals is through participation in KU Select 2017, which will make scholarly monographs available OA to our community and readers at large.   

Trent University’s participation in KU is made possible with support from the Hugh Waddell Library Fund, generously donated by the Waddell family. Together, KU’s initiative and the Waddell family’s foresight ensure that the Trent University community will have long-term unrestricted access to high quality scholarly monographs.”

Thanks for reading! Please get in touch to tell us your stories on Open Access and feel free to share this newsletter with others in the community