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Your participation will include you in a global library community of over 450 institutions that crowdfunds the costs to publishing HSS books and journals Open Access. With this cooperative effort, it is less expensive than the purchase of single copies – and you are bringing benefit to scholarly communications as a whole.

Libraries worldwide can pledge their support for making monographs and journals available Open Access. The pledging period started on 15 May 2017 and will continue the following months.

This page contains the key information on KU Select 2017.


KU Select 2017 pledging process so far

  • Amount pledged1%


KU Select 2017 Collection

  • 343 books available: 151 front list (Nov 2017-April 2018) and 192 backlist (2006-2016)
  • 21 journals available (formerly closed and Open Access titles)
  • 60 well-respected scholarly publishers participating on 5 continents including university presses, commercial publishers and Open Access publishers
  • Curated by the KU Title Selection Committee consisting of 40 librarians in 12 countries
  • 17 subject areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Creative Commons licences - hosted by OAPEN and HathiTrust, also preserved by CLOCKSS and Portico.



Register for a non-binding account at app.knowledgeunlatched.org to receive notifications about the collection and view the metadata.



Pledge for the Book Collection

Pledge your participation for $53 (€50 / £42,50) per new book and $13.25 (€12,50 / £10,65) per backlist book, by selecting either:
  • Full pledge: The complete KU Select 2017 collection of 343 titles (both front list and backlist) which costs $10,547 // €9.950 / £ 8.458 - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the price, or
  • Only front list: The KU Select 2017 front list collection of 151 titles which costs $8,003 // €7,750 // £6,418 - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the price.
  • If your institution is in Norway, the US, Canada, or the UK: From KU Select 2017 on, we offer differential pricing for these regions, based on the Carnegie or JISC classification. Please click below to get your individual quote.


Pledge for the Journal Collection

Pledge your support for the KU Select 2017 journal collection with 21 journals, which will be published Open Access for three years beginning in 2018. The price for unlatching the collection is per annum = $2,333 // €2.200 // £1,870, which means an average price per title of $111.00 // €105,00 // £89.00, and an average price per article of $3.00 // €2,83 // £2.40.


The Pledging Process

To take part in the KU Select 2017 Collection, libraries will be asked to take the following steps:
  1. A representative of the library should register on the KU website (app.knowledgeunlatched.org) to record their pledges
  2. Libraries need to pledge for either one of the two options
  3. The first library representative at an institution to register can then invite their colleagues to create their own accounts which will be linked to the main library account
  4. Libraries will receive an email confirmation when they have selected titles in the KU Select 2017 collection
  5. Libraries may request to be invoiced early, before the end of the pledging period
  6. Once the pledging period has closed, libraries will be notified by email about whether the pledging target was reached for their choice of titles
  7. If the pledging target is not achieved for certain titles, libraries will be released from their pledge to those titles, will not be invoiced for them, and no further action by the library is required
  8. If the pledging target is achieved, libraries will be invoiced for their selection
  9. If KU Select 2017 packages are unlatched, libraries will be notified when titles are made available as fully downloadable PDFs via the OAPEN Library and via the HathiTrust Digital Library
  10. Libraries are entitles to a 35% discount on purchases of additional formats direct from the publisher. KU will inform publishers which libraries pledged on their titles
  11. Complete MARC records will be available after titles have been unlatched


MARC Records

You can find the MARC records for each KU collection on the website of our hosting partner OAPEN (coming soon on HathiTrust's site as well). Through OAPEN, the titles are also indexed in DOAB and deep archived with CLOCKSS. Get the MARC records directly or read more about this topic on our guide.


Download Promo Materials

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In case you didn't find the right answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We'll be happy to help.


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