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Support a new way of Open Access publishing in Linguistics

Led by the renowned linguistic scholars Stefan Müller (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) and Martin Haspelmath (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History), Language Science Press publishes high quality, peer-reviewed Open Access books in linguistics. By leveraging existing institutional infrastructures and creating efficient processes, Language Science Press titles come at a significantly lower price as compared to traditional publishers. At the same time, these titles are made freely accessible to readers worldwide to broaden the impact of the works.

Language Science Press publishes fully Open Access books under CC-BY. They are a community-based worldwide enterprise with supporters from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Zurich, Berlin, Sydney, Hong Kong, etc. To name but a few, Noam Chomsky, Adele Goldberg, and Steven Pinker support Language Science Press and their library partnership model set up by Knowledge Unlatched.


Language Science Press pledging process so far

  • Institutional supporters 40/10040%


The cooperative model

Through Knowledge Unlatched, Language Science Press seeks to raise enough financial support from libraries, institutions and individuals for a period of three years. The target amount is €115.000 / $122,000 / £98,900 per year to support the publication of 30 peer-reviewed Open Access titles. Language Science Press doesn’t charge a Book Processing Charge (BPC), however for sake of comparison it would imply a BPC of €3.833 / $4,062 / £3,296, which is significantly lower than other publishers in the field.

With this support, Language Science Press can make these 30 titles freely available to readers all around the world. We offer the following ways to support Language Science Press as a library or institution for a period of three years:

  • 100 slots available libraries & institutions at €1.000 / $1,060 / £860 per annum for three years
  • 150 slots available individuals at €100 / $106 / £86 per annum for three years


Why support Language Science Press?

For libraries and institutions there are 100 tickets available, priced at €1,000 per annum. This translates to €33.33 for an online version of a title (DRM-free). This represents about a 50% discount compared to traditional multi-user license deals.

Language Science Press is a new, innovative way of publishing. You can be part of this transition to support scholars reclaiming the reins of publishing. Your researchers can submit and publish without any BPC charge as Open Access.

Among all Open Access initiatives to support, Language Science Press is unique due to their network of reputable scholars who are already publishing with them.



How to pledge your support as a library/institution?

Libraries and institutions should register a free and non-binding account on the Knowledge Unlatched portal to pledge their support.



How to pledge your support as an individual?

Individuals simply leave their details on the page following the button. We will then reach out to you.



If you can't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact Tom from our Support Team, who'll be more than happy to help.


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