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Innovation in HSS Research through
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LATEST THINKING envisions to broaden the impact of scholarly works. Their independent Open Access Video Journal provides video summaries of research findings covering all academic fields. All original videos are based on peer-reviewed academic publications, (curated by a Selection Committee), and brought to you by the authors in person via a video player which navigates users through the scholar‘s flow of ideas. To date, more than 200 videos have been published. Your funding will help to ensure that more high-quality, up-to- date videos on the latest research are freely available to users all around the world. Participating institutions and researchers will benefit from acquiring video-making knowledge and supporting broader dissemination of scholarly findings.



The Videos
The Benefits
Pricing Structure
The Videos

135 videos in 3 academic disciplines (Linguistics, Anthropology and Political Science) are planned over the coming 3 years.

The videos will be made available under a CC license (CC-BY 4.0).

MARC21 records will be created for the cataloguing of the videos.

The first 10 videos will be about the most downloaded KU Select 2017 Frontlist Titles in the aformentioned disciplines.

For the selection of further videos a Selection Committee will nomate researchers.

The Benefits

Libraries support the publishing of 135 OA videos.

Supporting libraries will be able to participate in this Committee and, thus, have a say in the content of the videos.

LATEST THINKING will make personal webinars on the role of videos in scholarly communications available to library supporters and researchers.

With funding LATEST THINKING your library can play an active role in promoting Open Access video content and supporting researchers.

Pricing Structure

Price per year over a period of 3 years. (Price excl. VAT)

There are multiple packages with different benefits:

Package 1 

$1,770 // € 1,500 // £1,320
Support the publishing of 135 OA videos

Free webinar to supporters educating researchers/librarians


Package 2 

$2,950 // €2,500 // £2,200 (Europe)

$4,130 //€ 3,500 // £3,080 (Overseas)
Support the publishing of 135 OA videos

Free webinars to supporters educating researchers/librarians

Join the Selection Committee

Secure one video slot per annum for a researcher from your institution


Package 3 (Custom) 

Tailor-made projects available on request

Videos for everyone

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