The First Crowdfunding Initiative for French-language OA Content


OpenEdition Books Select is the first crowdfunding program for Open Access development in French-language scientific publishing. With OpenEdition Books Select, libraries can contribute to making high-quality French-language content available Open Access, provided by the key academic publishers in the humanities and social sciences. The program is led by OpenEdition, the French non-profit initiative promoting innovative and fair Open Access models, supported by the main French research institutions.


Why join OpenEdition?

  • A transparent and sustainable model that meets the needs of the scientific community while promoting bibliodiversity and multilingualism.
  • Bibliodiversity and multilingualism are at the heart of OpenEdition’s strategy, which is why a multilingual approach in academic publishing should be encouraged in the international context.
  • Readers from all over the world can freely access multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed content in the Humanities and Social Sciences in French language
  • Libraries can share costs and play an active role in spreading knowledge

  • Authors can more easily and widely disseminate their findings
  • Publishers get funds to secure Open Access
  • OpenEdition Books Select allows libraries to directly support Open Access in French-language scientific publishing, in keeping with an ethical approach and at reasonable, transparent costs.
  • The collection includes 30 books, of which 10 frontlist titles and 20 backlist titles
  • 125 slots are available for libraries and institutions at $1,475 // €1,200 // £1,050 per slot

  • Watch the explanation video below




    If you have any other questions, please contact us, we are happy to help!