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Unlatching brandnew frontlist content


While the number of online publications of scholarly works within the field of Law is increasing, the number of OA publications have always been relatively low compared to other subjects. Books on legal aspects of all kinds of topics concerning digitalization are on the rise throughout all our series in Law, especially in areas like artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotic cars, cryptocurrencies, crypto investments, smart contracts, legal aspects of neuromarketing. And there is, even more, to be expected within the next 3 years. .


Advancing OA in IT-Law

  • Increase visibility of cutting-edge IT Law research
  • Dismantle reservations against OA publishing in Law
  • Analyze the value of publications by young researchers
  • Unlatch research that is not only relevant to academia, but also to practitioners
  • Support Open Access for German IT Law
  • All books will be in German language
  • Raise:

  • $65,067// €52,900 // £46,552* per year
  • $195,200// €158,700 // £139,656* for three years
  • Peter Lang will make 10 frontlist titles per year in IT Law available Open Access.
  • The KU library crowdfunding model will be used to collect library support for a three-year period starting in Spring of 2019
  • In 2018, release 5 backlist titles free of charge to libraries
  • The 10 outstanding monographs per year will be selected by a review board
  • Already appointed members:

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren, Law professor and a former Court of Appeal Judge with focus on Information and Media Law (Universität Münster) *
  • Prof. Dr. Georgios Gounalakis, Professor of Civil Law, Private International Law, Comparative Law and Media Law (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
  • The price per institution will decrease depending on the number of pledges

  • $$3,254 // €2,645 // £2,328* p.a. for 20 Pledges for a period of three years
  • $2,169 // €1,764 // £1,552* p.a. for 30 Pledges for a period of three years
  • $1,627 // €1,323 // £1,164* p.a. for 40 Pledges for a period of three years



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