Open Access Political Science


Pilot Project for the Open Access Transformation of E-Books


The pilot project "transcript OPEN library Politikwissenschaft" marks a further milestone in the current transformation towards ever more Open Access content. The pilot has been launched jointly by the "Nationalen Open-Access-Kontaktpunkt OA2020-DE" and "transcript Independent Academic Publishing".
Click here to view all of the titles which will be made available Open Access. You can also see the full collection on OAPEN.


The Collection will contain:

  • approx. 170 eBooks (equal to ~ 2.700 Chapters)
  • published between 2003 and 2017
  • as well as frontlist titles from 2018
  • about 340 pages each
  • 70% monographs, 30% anthologies
  • mostly german, 7% english content


The Consortial Solution: Supporting a wide-spread transformation to Open Access


The pilot invites academic libraries to help take collaborative measures in the move towards Open Access.
The ongoing elimination of paywalls will only be sustainable if large quantities of content are made available by subject area. By using a consortial model it will be possible to achieve the necessary funding for full subject collections.
The complete frontlist of 2019 titles (i.e. all new titles in the field of Political Science) will be bundled into one package, very similar to the established practice of “eBook collections”. Rather than individual libraries purchasing eBook licences, the crowdfunding model means that libraries collectively finance the full frontlist production being made available in Open Access.

Hence library budgets will be used to fund free access for users all around the world, rather than just purchasing paywalled eBooks library by library.


The transcript Politics Collection:
frontlist 2019

  • 20 new titles
  • International and European politics
  • Globalization
  • Parties, Social Movement and Civil Society
  • Policy
  • Politics
  • Political Theory and Polity
Click here for detailed information on the content

Professional distribution supported by Knowledge Unlatched

  • Available via OAPEN, HathiTrust and JSTOR
  • Publication with Creative Commons licensing
  • Long-term archiving at Portico
  • DOI registration on single chapter level
  • Inclusion in discovery systems such as DOAB, GoogleScholar, ProQuest
  • Provision of MARC records

Why join?

  • Help make frontlist content available Open Access
  • Collaborate with other libraries and the German “FID”
  • Costs for Open Access monographs are shared between libraries and “FID”
  • Fees for eBook licences saved can be re-channelled to fund Open Access
  • Thanks to the "Crowdfunding" model, the title fee is fixed - the more institutions that participate, the lower the cost per institution
  • Co-financing institutions (sponsors) are entitled to receive one free print copy of the titles in the package upon request.

  • Emphasis on their own role as sponsors of Open Access for monographs
  • Sponsors are included in the book/website e.g. with the institutional logo, thus further enhancing their visibility and reputation
  • Active participation in a sustainable publication model
  • Enhanced role for libraries as “enablers”
  • Easy access for researchers and students, even without a VPN (DRM free)
  • Greater dissemination of content worldwide
  • No restrictions on the use and provision of Open Access publications in teaching (digital semester materials etc.)
  • Contents benefit further research work without any restrictions and can be "activated" for teaching (in-document discussions).
  • Long-term, reliable, comprehensible and funding-compliant Open Access publication channels
  • Transparency in title selection and calculation
  • From Acquisitions to Enabling

    Open Access allows libraries to position themselves as “enablers”. Their role is no longer just about purchasing books and journals, or about licensing content for the institution. If researchers, publishers and libraries are able to work together as partners then a new culture within publishing will be the result.

    For the pilot to be successful, a minimum of 20 participating libraries are required to support the crowdfunding model. The costs of publishing the books will be supplemented by a subsidy from the author, and funding from libraries will help cover the publication costs and reduced publishing margins.

    The actual cost to libraries to support the model will depend very much upon the number of participating institutions. The “Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Politikwissenschaft“ at the State and University Library Bremen has already agreed to finance 50% of the project, which means that half of the funding has already been secured.

    In order to help libraries with their budget planning, a minimum requirement of 20 participating libraries has been set in order for the remaining 50% funding to be reached. The actual cost per library will be dependent on the number of participants and will decrease accordingly depending on how many libraries agree to support the project. Should the minimum requirement not be reached, no libraries will be invoiced and the frontlist content will not be made available as Open Access.

    Please contact us directly for for further information regarding costs and invoicing.

    The “transcript OPEN library Politikwissenschaft“ is currently running as a pilot and is intended to go on for a period of one year. With your support, the goal is to establish a long-term model which is beneficial to both libraries and publishers in equal measure, and which will be sustainable and transparent for all. Further opportunities in other subject areas would then be possible, making quality-assured content from a variety of publishers freely available. The long-term goal is that the OA consortial model should completely cover all publication costs, thereby reducing the spending of participating libraries compared with traditional acquisition.
    Smaller institutions are also able to participate in the consortial model and Universities of Applied Sciences (German “Fachhochschulen”) can take advantage of the special offer “Sponsoring Light”. Participating institutions in this category will receive 50% discount on the regular price. In return the discount on print books for supporters will also be reduced by half, and participating institutions will be listed as “Enablers” purely in the list of sponsoring libraries. Universities of Applied Sciences are of course free to participate at the regular terms if they so wish.


    If you have any other questions, please contact us, we are happy to help!