KU partners with PaperHive


Knowledge Unlatched is pleased to announce its partnership with PaperHive, an integrated web platform for collaborative reading and a cross-publisher layer of interaction on top of research documents. The books from KU's Round 2 collection are in the process of being unlatched. 48 of the 78 books are currently available and can be read, followed and discussed with PaperHive.

PaperHive is a coworking hub for researchers that enables contextual in-document discussions. It allows experts to benefit from each other's insights thus saving time and effort, therefore increasing the accessibility and usage of great articles and books.

All public discussions on PaperHive are licenced under CC-BY 4.0. In addition to KU’s Round 2 books, 1.2 million articles from arXiv, the largest document repository for physics, mathematics and computer science, are available on the platform. PaperHive also plans to integrate both Open Access and subscription-based content of other major STM publishers.

Dr. André Gaul, software engineer and co-founder of the Berlin-based company: “It is very frustrating to realise you wasted a lot of time rediscovering results, references or even mistakes that others found before – just because the relevant information is buried in a giant pile of sticky notes on someone else’s desk. We give these insights the structured and shared space they deserve.”

Alexander Naydenov, social entrepreneur and co-founder of PaperHive: “The margin of a book has traditionally been a place for your own thoughts only. However, reading should be an active process where ideas are developed and exchanged by both authors and readers.”

More information here: https://paperhive.org/knowledgeunlatched

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