The votes are in for KU Select 2016


Librarians and Knowledge Unlatched have been busy preparing the next collection 'KU Select 2016'. This collection will consist of around 350 Humanities and Social Sciences books, with 150 being front list (new) titles, and 200 backlist titles (published between 2005-2015).

The Title Selection Committee, consisting of 40 librarians from 12 countries, curated this collection by voting on the titles submitted by 54 publishers. Publishers have now been informed which of their books have been shortlisted. They are currently finalising the metadata, book covers, author permissions and CC licence types. Once this information is complete, KU can then present the KU Select 2016 collection to you. For now, we can reveal that there will be 14 packages covering 16 subject areas: Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Economics, History, Information Science, Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Media and Communications, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Theology. 

Some notes from the Library Selection Committee:

  • 681 titles (258 front list and 423 backlist) in 17 subject areas were submitted by 54 well-respected scholarly publishers from 5 continents, from university presses and commercial publishers to Open Access publishers.
  • The number of international publishers submitting titles has doubled, submitting more than four times the number of titles compared to the last round.
  • The quality of the books was so high that it was difficult for librarians to 'vote against’ titles because they were not necessarily opposed to the other titles.
  • The subject-based packages are of different sizes, according to the top-voted titles in those areas.
  • History was the most popular subject area.
  • Quotes: "It's a very engaging set of titles” and "I am looking forward to the packages!"
  • Further details on KU Select 2016 will be published in mid-August.

    We are planning a webinar aimed at libraries, to talk about Knowledge Unlatched and the KU Select 2016 collection. This webinar will be repeated throughout the pledging period (1 September 2016 – 31 January 2017) and a recording will also be available. More information to follow! For now, please mark these dates in your diary.

    Launch/preview: Wed 31 Aug (PM) and Thurs 1 Sept (AM)

    October: Tues 4 (AM) and Wed 5 (PM)

    November: Wed 2 (PM) and Thurs 3 (AM)

    December: Tues 6 (AM) and Wed 7 (PM)

    January: Wed 11 (PM) and Thurs 12 (AM)

    Do get in touch with us if you have any questions, via our Contact form. Or, you can now create your own account on our new Library Portal to receive a notification when the collection is ready.

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