Knowledge Unlatched welcomes two new trade partners

Knowledge Unlatched Logo.

Berlin, 14 July 2019. Knowledge Unlatched (KU) the central platform for Open Access financing models is pleased to welcome two new trade partners to their international network of library suppliers. HARRASSOWITZ and SPUR Infosolutions will be offering the KU crowdfunding model to libraries worldwide from now onwards. KU already works with over 575 libraries all over the world and hopes to expand its outreach with the help of the two new partners. “Our trade partners play a key role at Knowledge Unlatched“, says Catherine Anderson, Head of Sales at the Berlin-based initiative. „Thanks to the cooperation with SPUR Infosolutions on the Indian Subcontinent, and HARRASSOWITZ in their International markets, libraries have even more choice to invest in Open Access”.

About Knowledge Unlatched (KU): KU offers every reader worldwide free access to scholarly content. The online platform enables libraries worldwide to centralize their support for Open Access models from leading publishers and new initiatives in favor of Open Access.

Philipp Hess, Publicity & Communications