KU Selection Committee 2020: Call for New Library Members from around the World

Berlin, February 6, 2020: Knowledge Unlatched (KU) makes scholarly content freely available to everyone, while contributing to the development of the Open Access (OA) infrastructure. With support from around 600 libraries worldwide, KU has already made 1,500 books and 23 journals freely available in Open Access to over four million users. The titles selected for the current KU Select Books Collections are not chosen by ourselves or by publishers, but by you, the library community, in order to make sure that the selected titles are relevant to users worldwide.

The KU Selection Committee currently comprises about 180 librarians from all over the world. We are now looking for new members to further enhance this team of experts selecting the most relevant content for KU Select 2020 HSS Books and would like to ask if there are librarians in your institution who would like to join the Committee in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Please feel free to pass this message on to any of your colleagues who might be interested.

Members of the KU Selection Committee have an active say in selecting the quality and scope of titles to be included in the KU Select HSS Books Collection through a quick and easy voting process that takes place on our online portal. Between 16th March and 7th April 2020, members have an opportunity to review the submissions from publishers and to make their selection. Based on the experience gathered thus far, the voting process takes a maximum of two hours, depending on how many subject areas are selected.

Details of previous KU Select Collections can be found here. However, this year we will be revising the KU Select Books model to allow libraries to pledge for packages on a subject level. We have also reduced the number of subject packages offered, in order to concentrate on the most sought-after subjects. Further, we will not offer a KU Select STEM Books collection that covers the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics this year. KU will, instead, focus on the area we are strongest in with this model, which is HSS Books.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming new members to the KU Selection Committee. Applications to join the Committee can be sent using the online form by 28th February 2020.

About Knowledge Unlatched: Knowledge Unlatched is committed to open access to academic content for readers and researchers around the world. Its online platform is the central point of contact for libraries worldwide to support open access models, book and journal collections of leading publishing houses and various OA initiatives.