Knowledge Unlatched Shares Results of 2022 Pledging

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Hundreds of new titles to be published Open Access in 2023

Knowledge Unlatched (KU), a Wiley brand, is pleased to share the results of its 2022 pledging round, which ended in December 2022 and once again saw hundreds of libraries worldwide pledge support for OA book and journal collections offered by KU and its partners.

Overall, about 283 books will be made available OA in 2023. These include 184 books from the KU Select 2023 HSS Books Collection, two Focus Collections—Climate Change and Global Health—and around 99 books from KU’s partner collections. In addition, KU will support the publication of 700 peer-reviewed blog posts and 10 videos. KU’s efforts also contributed to the sustainability of 52 journals thanks to the successful continuation of 4 Subscribe-to-Open (S2O) partnerships and an additional 4 journals from the final year of the KU Select Journals collection. Additionally, over 200 additional books were made OA last year through KU Open Services—a service that helps publishers make titles OA on a title-by-title basis. KU expects similar numbers in 2023, bringing the combined number of books expected to be published OA via KU in 2023 to nearly 500.

In 2022, 77 publishers joined forces with KU to unlatch new content, including 28 university presses, and among these and others: the University of Michigan Press, Routledge/ Taylor & Francis, Central European University Press, Berghahn Books, University of California Press, International Water Association Publishing, Pluto Press, EDP Sciences, transcript, and wbv Media.

“Despite many libraries facing another challenging budget year, we are pleased to be able to unlatch a significant number of books and journals,” said Sven Fund, Wiley Senior Director. “We are also pleased to continue partnering with a wide range of reputable publishers, helping us build relevant and timely OA collections each year.”

To date, some 670 institutions worldwide have supported KU initiatives. By the end of this year, KU’s total impact will number around 4,000 books and about 60 journals published OA.

KU will continue to provide the title lists for each collection and update its ‘unlatching’ and ‘upcoming titles’ dashboards regularly to give librarians a full overview of titles and their status.

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