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Upcoming Events

A Quick Walkthrough of KU's Pledging Options in 2019 (Australia & New Zealand)

10th October at 1pm AWST/3pm AEST
Join Catherine Anderson and Wilson de Souza from Knowledge Unlatched for a brief overview of the collections and pledging options available for libraries in Australia and New Zealand to support up to the end of 2019. We expect the webinar to last for a maximum of 45 minutes and we will be recording it. A copy of the presentation will also be shared with participants and those not able to join. Please feel free to share the invitation with any colleagues who may be interested in attending. Please register for this webinar here.

A Quick Walkthrough of KU's Pledging Options in 2019 (Europe)

22nd October at 11am CET/10am UK time
Join Catherine Anderson and Mirela Roncevic from Knowledge Unlatched for a brief overview of the collections and pledging options available for libraries in Europe to support up to the end of 2019. We expect the webinar to last for a maximum of 45 minutes and we will be recording it. A copy of the presentation will also be shared with participants and those not able to join. Please feel free to share the invitation with any colleagues who may be interested in attending. Please register for this webinar here.

Open Access Tage

30.09 - 2.10.2019: Open Access Tage in Hannover, Germany
Catherine Anderson and Philipp Hess will be attending.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

16 - 20.10.2019: Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany
Several members of the KU Team will be attending.

Break on through to the Open Side: Is Open Access prioritizing the needs of science and research?

23.10.2019: 4PM Central Europe (More Timezones below)
In celebration of international Open Access Week librarians, publishers and scholars worldwide are invited to join an online panel discussion. Our distinguished panel of publishers and librarians will provide their views on the impact of Open Access and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in the discussion.

The panelists will discuss the global impact of Open Access on research and consider if the promise of Open Access to equalize access for users and researchers worldwide is being achieved. Do researchers everywhere have access to freely available academic content? Do they know where to find it? Are the sources and platforms available to them delivering a quality user experience? And are scholars around the world able to take advantage of the new publishing opportunities?

Other issues include Open Access publishing models and their success in countries where Open Access is vibrant as well as in those where it is still emerging, including the Global South; the costs involved for researchers to publish their research Open Access; ways in which users in emerging markets benefit from Open Access content; and the role of academic libraries—large and small—in providing the necessary support to researchers.

Open Access affords many opportunities for all stakeholders and is very much an evolutionary process, not a disruptive one. This panel seeks to shed light on the progress the global scholarly community has made thus far in making Open Access work for everyone.


Anke Beck, IntechOpen (UK)

András Holl, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)

Vivian Rosa Storti, State University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Sven Fund, Knowledge Unlatched (Germany)


Mirela Roncevic


Wednesday 23rd October 2019

4pm Central European Time

10am Eastern Time, North America

11am GMT-3, South America

The event should last for about one hour and will be recorded.

Register here

Charleston Conference

4.11 - 8.11.2019: Charleston Conference in Charleston, USA
Sven, Philipp, and Bob will be attending. Reach out to us for meetings.

Past Events


2.10.2019: A Quick Walkthrough of KU's Pledging Options in 2019 (North America)
Catherine Anderson and Bob Schatz from Knowledge Unlatched gave for a brief overview of the collections and pledging options available for libraries in North America to support up to the end of 2019.
26.09.2019: OGeSoMo Workshop "Monographs in Open Access - everything Open: Opportunity or Risk?"
Our MD, Sven Fund, has been invited to join a panel discussion during the OGeSoMo workshop. The goal of this workshop is to shine light on the facets and aspects of Open Access publishing from the perspective of different stakeholders.
25.09. 2019, 2pm CET: Latest Thinking & KU - The Role of Video in Scholarly Communications
We invite you to join us for a short webinar on the role of video in scholarly communications and cutting-edge research. Pajam Sobhani from Latest Thinking ( will present LT's experiences from working with researchers worldwide who use the medium of video to summarise their current research findings. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and also learn about the options to support the initiative as a library.
24 - 26.09.2019: COASP in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark
We will be attending COASP 2019! Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting.
3.09.2019: KU Feedback Session with Swiss librarians in Bern, Switzerland
3rd September 2019 at 14:15, University Library of Bern. KU and University of Bern invite interested librarians in Switzerland to attend a round-table discussion and to share their feedback.
20 - 24.06.2019: 2019 ALA Annual Conference in Washington D.C., USA
Bob Schatz and Catherine Anderson would like to thank everybody who took the time to have a talk for the interesting and fruitful conversations. See you next year!
2 - 4.06.2019: Elpub 2019 conference, Marseille, France
Maud and Max were happy to be able to discuss Open Access with so many interested publishers.
29 - 31.05.2019: SSP 41st Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA USA
Bob Schatz thanks you for all the informative conversations.
26.04.2019: Sustainable financing models for Open Access in Belgium - a round-table discussion, Bruxelles
KBR (Royal Library of Belgium) and Knowledge Unlatched hosted a round-table discussion on sustainable financing models for Open Access in Belgium. Topics included: Brief introduction to KU, feedback on the current models for books and journals; wishes for expansion of the models and content; how to support your local researchers; how to promote Open Access within Belgian institutions etc.
8 - 10.04.2019: UKSG 42nd Annual Conference and Exhibition, Telford
Our colleagues Catherine and Tom had fruitful talks and discussions. We would like to thank all those for their time. See you next year!
18 - 21.03.2018: 7. Bibliothekskongress Leipzig "Bibliotheken verändern", Leipzig
We were at the 7th German Library Congress in Leipzig and would like to thank all those librarians that we had the pleasure to meet up with.
12 - 14.03.2019: London Book Fair 2019, London
We attended at the London Book Fair and would like to thank all the publishers we had fruitful discussions with.
26 -27.02.2019: 9th OpenAIRE Workshop: Sustainable non-APC Publishing Models, Bielefeld
Our colleagues Tom & Max Mosterd joined the workshop to share our experience with non-APC publishing models and talked about our latest Journals program focussing on plan-S compliance. You can find their presentation here.
7.02.2019: Academic-Led Publishing Day (ALPD), Worldwide
Our colleague Philipp did a webinar on Open Access and was part of a panel discussion. You can find more information here.
21.01.2019: DARIAH-FOSTER Open Access in Humanities Workshop, Berlin
In the workshop on “How to make the most of your publications in the humanities?”, Sven Fund was a Guest Speaker on: "Alternative business models in open monograph publishing".
The announcement
16 - 17.01.2019: Academic Publishing in Europe Nr. 14, Berlin
Platforms or Pipelines? Where is the Value in Scholarly Communications? KU was present at the APE 2019 Conference in Berlin.


29.11 - 01.12. 2018: Digital Humanities Austria (dha2018) in Salzburg
Dr. Sven Fund gave a keynote presenation on Open Access, Open Source and Self-publishing!
Check out the website
09.11.2018: Workshop für Fachreferent/innen der Romanistik
Our colleague Max gave a presentation on Romance studies publications in Open Access! He talked about our partner project in which KU, together with the international publishers Peter Lang, DeGruyter and Vervuert, is forming a collection of books in Romance studies. KU will collect funding from libraries all over the world to make 36 titles which are to be published between 2019 and 2021 available as Open Access.
05 - 09.11.2018: Charleston Library Conference 2018
We are very happy to have attended the Charleston Library Conference with 3 of our team members. We we're given the opportunity to present on KU and host a breakfast meeting. We would like tot thank the participants who joining the discussion at the KU breakfast meeting. We're so grateful to have their feedback, suggestions for improvement, and new insights in Open Access.
Check out the website
02.11.2018: Berlin Science Week - Morressier panel discussion
As part of the Berlin Science Week 2018, Morressier hosted a multi-disciplinary panel talk with the title: ‘What is a knowledge utopia and what role does technology play in achieving it?’ Sven Fund joined to discuss the future of scientific sharing and knowledge dissemination.
Check out their website
13.10.2018: International Convention of University Presses
The 6th Edition of the International Convention of University Presses took place on Saturday, 13th October.
The convention focussed on the topic of digital developments and how they are transforming – or disrupting – the academic publishing industry. This year, Michael Bhaskar, Co-Founder & Publishing Director of CANELO delivered the keynote address on digital disruptions. On such disruption is the advent of Open Access. Although this system is being used by many academic and university presses worldwide, there are still many doubts concerning its implementation and financial sustainability.
Sven Fund, founder of fullstopp, lecturer at Humboldt University and an expert on the digital transformation of the publishing industry addressed new ways of dealing with Open Access.

Check out their website
10 - 14.10.2018: Frankfurt Book Fair
Knowledge Unlatched was at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018!
25.09.2018: OA-Tage Graz
Our Managing Director Dr. Sven Fund gave a keynote presentation on how the DEAL negotiations can be transformed into a positive business model!
17 - 19.09.2018: Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) - Vienna, Austria
The 10th anniversary of the annual OASPA conference, the Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP), took place on September 17th-19th, 2018, at the University of Vienna, Austria. Find Sven Fund's presentation here
13.09.2018: Dialog Lizenzierungsplattform - Bielefeld
Our Colleguage Philipp joined the "Dialog Lizenzierungsplattform" in Bielefeld to participate in the discussion of licencing in Germany.
13.09.2018: ALPSP - Old Winsor
Our Colleguage Tom gave a presentation on the "Anti Double Dipping Alliance"!
Check out their website
21 - 26.06.2018: ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans
Our Colleague Cahterine joined the ALA Annual Conference last year!
18 - 20.06.2018: Contec México - Sharing Innovation
Our Colleagues Philipp and Sven attended to discuss the mission of "Searching the reader of the future".
It included a keynote by Sven Fund and a workshop from Philipp Hess.

Check out the website
12.06.2018: Deutscher Bibliothekartag
31.05 - 01.06.2018: OPERAS Conference - Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Challenge - Athens
OPERAS held its first conference on the topic of “Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Challenge

Check out the website
30.05 - 01.06.2018 - SSP Annual Meeting 2018
Scholarly Publishing at the Crossroads: What’s working, what’s holding us back, where do we go from here?

Check out the website
24 - 25.05.2018: Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutschsprachiger Universitätsverlage
The annual conference dealt with experience and publishing activities and provides presentations on different topics concerning scholarly publishing. Our managing director Sven Fund gave a presentation on what KU can do for university presses.
10 - 12.04.2018: London Book Fair
05.04.2018: Workshop: Beyond APCs: alternative open access publishing business models
Overview of the work done in the 2 calls for alternative funding mechanisms for open access publishing initiatives
- business models - different types, what works, what doesn't , what is scalable, what are interesting examples?
- outreach and dissemination: how to achieve enough critical mass to make a publishing initiative sustainable?

Invited speakers include:
Stephanie Dawson (ScienceOpen), Janneke Adema (Radical Open Access Collective), Jeroen Sondervan (University of Utrecht), Jadranka Stojanovski (Hrcak), Alexandra Jobmann (University of Bielefeld), Max Mosterd (Knowledge Unlatched).

Check out the website
09.03.2018: SSP Berlin Regional Event at Peter Lang Publishing
How to Increase the Discoverability of Open Access Books for Researchers?

Moderator: Alex Naydenov, PaperHive


Agata Morka, Springer Nature

Max Mosterd, Knowledge Unlatched

Benedikt Fecher, Humboldt Institute

Prof. Michael Seadle, Director of the School and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Humboldt University of Berlin


07 - 11.11.2017: Charleston Library Conference
Sales Director Catherine was at the the Annual Library Conference in South Carolina.
11 - 13.09.2017: Open Access Tage Dresden
Sven Fund talked at the Open Access Tage Dresden about KU and advancements in Open Access. Read more about the event here:
19.06.2017: Swiss Consortium of Academic Libraries
Workshop Open Access Books, Berne, Switzerland | Speaker: Sven Fund
31.05.2017: SSP Workshop „Innovation in Scholarly Book Publishing"
SSP Annual Meeting, Boston, USA | Speaker: Marcel Knöchelmann
30.05 - 02.06.2017: Deutscher Bibliothekartag
Frankfurt am Main, Germany | Speaker: Sven Fund
18.05.20 17: Finnish Research Library Association
Information Resource seminar, Helsinki, Finland | Speaker: Sven Fund