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Luminos is a unique open access model from the University of California Press. Through Luminos libraries can help make important works in the humanities and social sciences freely accessible to every reader, everywhere. Membership fees are used to directly cover the costs of publishing around 45 titles per year, with any surplus added to an author waiver fund to support authors in getting their research out there.

Why Support Luminos?

Membership Model
The Benefits
Pricing Structure
Membership Model

Luminos’ Open Access model means both the benefits and costs of Open Access are shared among stakeholder communities, creating a more sustainable ecosystem for publishing scholarly works in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


The selection and review processes for content remain the same as in UC Press’s traditional program; the same exacting criteria and peer review standards apply, thus guaranteeing quality content.


Authors at Luminos Member Library institutions receive discounts on Title Publication Fees. 


Support for successful Open Access models, like Luminos, helps remove barriers to access for important scholarly work, including levelling the playing field between researchers in high- and low-income countries.

The Benefits

Luminos Member Libraries support the publication of around 45 titles per year, freely available to anyone, in CC-BY 4.0 license.


Authors from member institutions receive discounts on Title Publication Fees.


Become part of a successful transformative Open Access model.

Pricing Structure

Price per year. (Price excl. VAT)

Luminos offers a range of membership models to suit all budgets. Please contact us to discuss which membership model is best suited to your institution.


Fees range from:

$1,000 - $20,000

€850 - €17,000

£750 - £14,950

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