The First Institutionally-Funded OA Initiative
for French-language Content

OpenEdition Books Select is the first program for Open Access development in French-language scientific publishing that focusses on institutional funding. In this program libraries can contribute to making high-quality French-language content, provided by key academic publishers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, available Open Access. The program is led by OpenEdition, the French non-profit initiative promoting innovative and fair OA models, designed in cooperation with the french library consortium Couperin, and supported by the main French research institutions.

What is OpenEdition?

Cooperative Model
The Benefits
Pricing Structure
Cooperative Model

Together with OpenEdition we have designed a transparent and sustainable model that meets the needs of the scientific community while promoting bibliodiversity and multilingualism. Bibliodiversity and multilingualism are at the heart of OpenEdition’s strategy, which is why a multilingual approach in academic publishing should be encouraged in the international context.

The model lets libraries share the costs for making 30 titles Open Access, while authors can more easily and widely disseminate their findings.

As a result, readers from all over the world can freely access multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed French-language content in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Benefits

OpenEdition Books Select allows libraries to directly support Open Access in French-language scientific publishing.

It is done so with an ethical approach and at reasonable, transparent costs, shared by the library community.

This means a lower price per title compared to the conventional way of acquisition.

The result will be an OA colllection of 30 books, of which 10 frontlist titles and 20 backlist titles.

Key Benefits:

High Quality MARC records will be provided for all titles

Participating Institutions receive Quarterly usage reporting

All titles will be hosted on one central hosting platform (OAPEN)

Pricing Structure

125 slots available for libraries and institutions (Price excl. VAT)

Pledging for this collection is closed

$1,425 // €1,200 // £1,050

Learn More About OpenEdition

Watch the explanation video in English below

Watch the explanation video in French below


KU OpenEdition Select Webinar (English)

KU OpenEdition Select Webinar (French)



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