Trade Partners

We are very proud to work with a great network of sales partners who help to promote our collections and services all over the world.

CEPIEC (China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.) is a China-based leading distributor specialized in selling published content in physical and digital formats to the Chinese market, and exporting Chinese language content to the world.

We supply the knowledge to broaden your horizon with Electronic, Print and Digital Products in all subjects and languages from publishers, distributors and aggregators all around the globe as well as Out of Print & Hard-to-Obtain titles.

Dietmar Dreier is an international library supplier based in Germany, serving European academic libraries since 1981. We are a family company under second generation management with more than 40 employees. Our library clients see us as a reliable, highly-specialized source for print monographs, e-books, monograph sequels, as well as gray and antiquarian literature from all over the world. Since founding we are a trusted partner, who stand for excellence in the field of library management solutions.

GOBI® Library Solutions from EBSCO offers print books and e-books to academic, research and special libraries worldwide. From streamlining workflows to partnering with library staff, GOBI Library Solutions is committed to providing the best solution for libraries’ acquisition, collection development and technical service needs.

Established in 1872, HARRASSOWITZ has been serving libraries around the world for almost 150 years. Our customers value us for the quality and accuracy of our services and for our industry-leading and innovative solutions. We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality acquisitions and collection development support services to academic and research libraries.

LM Information Delivery is a leading international subscription and information management service provider whose customers include academic and research libraries, municipalities, public libraries and corporate business across many sectors. LM combines cutting-edge solutions with bespoke customer service in order to help libraries and other information centres improve efficiency, save time in information retrieval and improve the use of e-resources.

Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung GmbH was founded in 1989 by Dorothea and Kay Massmann in Hamburg and has operated since then as supplier and service provider for companies, university and research libraries in the German speaking market. We specialise in the procurement of books, journals and eBooks / Databases from German and international publishers. Providing our customers with the information they need, whether it´s in digital or print format is our main goal and offering a fast and cost-efficient service is what we are known for.

Missing Link was founded in 1991 and has been a registered cooperative company since 2005. All of the original founders and partners are still active in the company. Our team consists of booksellers, librarians, academics from a variety of specialist disciplines as well as IT and logistics experts. All administrative and operative activities are carried out in the main office in Bremen, Germany and we have regional sales people in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt and Bottrop. We also operate out of offices in New Jersey, USA as well as London, England.

Schweitzer Fachinformationen quickly and conveniently provides experts with the print and digital information they need for success. As the leading provider of specialist information, Schweitzer combines expert advice with carefully considered solutions and flexible logistics.

SPUR Infosolutions was founded by industry experts to solve two main problems – one, to help foreign publishers reach their Indian subscribers without any hassles; and two, to ensure that Indian subscribers can get access to high quality content from foreign publishers with ease. Essentially, they are the bridge between a foreign publisher and subscribers in the Indian sub-continent.