Transparency and Simplicity

  • We value openness in content and in communication. All of our information is freely available to libraries, publishers, researchers and other interested parties.
  • We have made our annual financial results available since 2018.
  • Our model is simple and understand.

Safe investment

  • By investing in KU collections libraries are not only helping to make quality open access content available but they are also able to re-direct acquisition funds into sustainable, transformative models.

  • Wherever possible no author charges are necessary due to the funding by libraries.
  • Publishers have planning stability and can flip specific publishing programmes to open access.


  • Relevance: titles included in the KU Select Books collections are curated by the KU Selection Committee, which comprises librarians from around the world who select the most relevant content for users worldwide.
  • Peer review: Content from partner initiatives must have passed established peer review standards before being accepted as a KU Partner.
  • Excellence: Many titles financed through KU have won awards or received important reviews.