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S20 seeks to take what is working well in the current system and applies it to achieving a sustainable and potentially universal model of open access by turning current journal subscriptions into financial support for fully funded, APC-free Open Access Journals
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Complete Portfolio Flip of 21 Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences including Arab Studies Quarterly and many more Learn moretrending_flat
Berghahn Open Anthro This Pilot project developed in partnership with Libraria (PKP) has launched starting in 2020 and will continue to be Open Access until at least the end of 2023 with the opportunity to support the sustainable growth of the portfolio Learn more trending_flat IWAP Open Journals Ground-breaking Flip of the complete journal portfolio, featuring 10 Journals including the flagship journal “Water, Science and Technology”. Includes research on water quality and filtration in evolving countries Learn more trending_flat
Projects to Support New Layer All of our Publishing Partners aim at fullfilling the Plan S Compliancy Rules. Click on one of the projects or contact us to learn more

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