February 6, 2020

KU Selection Committee 2020: Call for New Library Members from around the World

March 26, 2020
Knowledge Unlatched Logo.

Knowledge Unlatched Renews Two Successful Open Access Collections, Ensuring Sustainability of Open Research Worldwide

In 2018, Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the central platform for Open Access (OA) financing models, has expanded into new collections and introduced new partnerships, resulting in the doubling of the number of books made available as Open Access.
May 4, 2020
Knowledge Unlatched Logo.

Knowledge Unlatched Launches a New Global Open Access Funding Round, Introducing More Pledging Options

Knowledge Unlatched launches its sixth funding round today. Libraries worldwide can support 17 projects across many scientific disciplines
May 6, 2021

wbv OpenLibrary 2022: Keine Open-Access-Publikationskosten für Autorinnen und Autoren im Crowdfunding von KU und wbv Media